free printable morning routine printable

Free Printable Morning Routine Printable

We have just gotten through day three of back to school for Avery and we are in the third week of back to school for the kids in my preschool class. It is about not that I am hearing from parents of kids in my class and my friend’s kids about morning routine struggles. For some it seems like there is a lot to do in a short amount of time and for others, they feel like their children should be developing more independence in this part of the day. Either way I thought I would put together a fun and free morning routine printable to be used with little ones who need a visual as well as for older children who are working on getting themselves ready in the morning. I hope you enjoy!

You can check out the free printable pdf here —> Morning Routine Printable  and once you print it out, just trim it down. I have it sized to fit a 5×7 frame.

Once you have it in any frame with a glass insert, all you need to do is grab a dry erase marker and put it in a central location for your littles! I think it works best for the children to check off their own tasks as they are done and the pictures help them accomplish the next task on the list on their own.

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