free printable couch 5k planner stickers

Free Printable Couch to 5K Planner Stickers

I got a call from my supervisor late at night and was immediately concerned that something was wrong. Luckily nothing was wrong, she just wanted me to agree to run a 5k with her on Thanksgiving… no problem! Especially after thinking it was much more serious! Truth be told I have wanted to run a 5k for years but for whatever reason have never done it- until now. I love the idea of the couch to 5k program and saw some cute stickers on Etsy (seriously cute with fun patterns and pictures and everything) but I just couldn’t afford it since I wanted to get each of us a set for our planners. That is when I thought they would be perfect for this weeks free printable!

They are very simple and really just outline the plan in a plain pink box but they get to the point and are free to print! For this one all you have to do is upload the picture into Cricut Design Space, delete the background, save as a print then cut and insert into your canvas! There are two images in this one so weeks 1 through 6 are on one image and weeks 7-9 are on the second but if you make both of them 5.5 inches wide, they will print and cut the same size. Make sure you save both images!

They are more practical than they are fancy but I am still excited to put them in my planner an get to work! Have you run a 5k? Let me know in the comments below!


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