free printable alphabet sound game disney edition

Free Printable Alphabet Sound Game {Disney Edition}

I got kind of a shock the other day, Avery got home her first set of sight words, but she also got some alphabet flash cards that were given to the students who needed a bit more practice. The reason I was shocked at first was that she walks around all day saying “Daddy, d (d sound) that starts with D!” so I thought it was a mistake. But then I thought more about it, little miss got glasses in May and the optometrist said her vision was pretty bad (that is my fault). So considering is was partially blind her whole preschool year when they did the letter of the week, I guess it all makes sense. Instead of getting hyper concerned about the rest of her educational career, I thought I would try to come up with a fun game to help her with the letter sounds and what is better than Disney characters?! Nothing, that’s what.

I didn’t just want to make some worksheets, I wanted a game but all the matching games I was thinking of wouldn’t really have her practice the sounds and letter recognition that I wanted her to work on. That is when I saw another set in one of the classrooms at work that had a picture and then the word below missing the first letter and 4 letter options on the right. The children were supposed to identify the picture, then the sound of the first letter and then find the letter on the right. Perfect! She has to work on the sounds and letter recognition! But I wanted to kick it up a notch by making a Disney version because I knew that would capture her (and most Kindergartners) attention.

There are two versions of the PDF, a 4 per page option and a 2 per page option. Just print them out, laminate them and grab some clothespins and you are good to go! My co-teacher also suggested a dry erase marker which after they are laminated is totally an option as well because it will just erase away!

Disney Alphabet Sounds Game- 2 per page

Disney Alphabet Sounds Game- 4 per page

I hope these are helpful! Of course, personal use only please!!


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