free holiday organization printables delicately constructed holidays

Free Holiday Organization Printables {Delicately Constructed Holidays}

Ok, this is it! The start of my 8 week holiday series where I want to help you get organized for the holidays! There are three parts to each of the 8 weeks that includes 2 blog posts and a video on my You Tube channel. This week were are laying the foundation with a holiday planning notebook complete with my free holiday planning printables so let’s get started!

holiday organization

I wanted to make the basis of this folder very affordable so I picked a budget plain white binder, some simple plastic pages and the most affordable dividers I could find that still fit with the plastic pages (I show you what I am talking about in the video) so it is not overtly holiday, but I figure my money is best spent other ways this holiday season. I did, however, make a fun printable cover that I am also sharing with you guys! I will put all the printables together below to make things easier to print.

Next, I made some basic calendars to keep a loose track of holiday events, parties and appointments with a space for notes below.

holiday organization 2

After that, we need to get started on the gift planning and for this I created two forms, one general and one specific to children. I thought children needed a bit more space for the organization process and these printables also have a space to write page numbers at the top if you need to print out multiples for additional people. I break down these printables further in the video (that will also be at the end of this post).

holiday organization 3

Then, the last set of printables for this week are two Thanksgiving menu planning printables. First there is one to plan your meal and then your shopping list. I plan my shopping list early because I like to pick up things throughout the month so my budget doesn’t take a huge hit the fourth week.

holiday organization 4

That is the breakdown of the folder- here are all the printables, but we aren’t done so make sure you keep scrolling!

Planner Cover Printable

November Printable Calendar

December Printable Calendar

Holiday Gifts Printable

Holiday Gifts Children Printable

Thanksgiving Menu Printable

Thanksgiving Shopping List Printable

The other main thing that needs to be tackled this week in addition to the folder and printables is planning you holiday card family photo shoot if you haven’t done that already. I shared how I am getting my family photo taken for FREE this year in my video and it is for sure easily duplicated no matter where you live! But, before you get there, check out my post from yesterday where I am sharing 40+ tips on getting an awesome photo and creating great holiday cards!

holiday card pictures

Here is the video for today as well for easy viewing!

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