free frozen alphabet card printables

FREE Frozen Alphabet Card Printables!!!

Alright y’all, I shared in this post how if you are a parent of, well, maybe almost any age child, your life has been consumed by the movie FROZEN. I know mine has, an as a parent, and a teacher, I feel like this is something we can capitalize on developmentally! In school, Avery’s teacher has been working on letter sounds, particularly with the letters in the names of each child. She is so awesome, but moving on. The point is, why not have a set of alphabet cards that she can play with that take her favorite movie and connect it with her new budding interest of letter sounds?! Now, by all means, I know these are pretty much flash cards, but I don’t intend for them to be used that way in that I don’t think the children should be sitting and being “quized”. I will give some other ideas in a new post next week on how they can engage and have fun with these FROZEN themed alphabet cards!!

free printable frozen alphabet

I have tried to make it super easy for you all, all you have to do is print them out:

free frozen printable alphabet

Cut them out:

free frozen printable alphabet 2

And laminate them:

free frozen printable alphabet 3

It doesn’t get easier!! Make sure you stop by next week when I will share a bunch of fun ways to use these cards in another post!

free frozen printable alphabet 4

Here are the printables for you to use- FREE! Just keep in mind, these are not to be sold or altered and they are for parents and teachers and others having or working with kids. This is just a resource from me to you so don’t abuse it please!! THANKS!!

FROZEN Alphabet Printables A-D

FROZEN Alphabet Printables E-H

FROZEN Alphabet Printables I-L

FROZEN Alphabet Printables M-P

FROZEN Alphabet Printables Q-T

FROZEN Alphabet Printables U-X

FROZEN Alphabet Printables Y-Z

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