free crafting and a chalk art tutorial

Free Crafting! {And a Chalk Art Tutorial}

Did I ever tell you about this awesome event I went to a few months ago?

Basically, it was organized as an effort to keep all the samples of fabric, tile, carpet and other items in home decor showrooms and offices from going in the landfill when the owners were down with them. They set up a day and time for all the companies to drop off their unwanted samples and items and then there was another day and time where it was open to the public FOR FREE!!!!!!

No joke. It was targeted at schools for art and what not but really, it was open to everyone. I went and filled my car and most of it went to the school I work at, but some of the things I got for myself.

It is only fair, I drove like a half hour each way.

One of the things was my rug under my dinning room table, I don’t think that I ever shared this with you. While there, they had these large carpet samples, so I looked through them all and grabbed 6 that had the same colors and then put them together as an area rug.

It has worked out great, I need to grab some of that no slip shelf liner to attach to the bottom so it doesn’t move as much, but other than that, I couldn’t be happier with my FREE area rug.

Next, is the project I came here today to share with you. Also in my personal haul of free stuff was this cabinet, I knew that Wade would look at me sideways because I brought it home without a plan so I only got one.

I figured that was a compromise because there were two there.

I wish I would have gotten both because I turned my random cabinet door, rediscovered in my garage into this:

Isn’t it cute?

LOVE IT! It is in my craft room right now, but I plan on putting it up for a Spring mantle this weekend.

It was super simple, I first grabbed and aqua color to paint the edges.

It took a bunch of coats, like 5 maybe. It may have taken less if I sanded it, which you should but I was so excited, I just started painting. I was going to give it a coat of sealer, but I am thinking this could be the kind of thing I could repaint and re-work for different seasons.

Then, on the center, I gave it another million coats of chalkboard paint. I am just approximating here.

The banner is just a strip of 1 1/2 inch polka dot paper cut into triangles and taped to some bakers twine. I love the little pop of color and am thinking of an aqua and yellow mantle so this will tie it together.

The last step was the chalk art in the middle. I have been loving this around lately and I feel like it is one of the trends I haven’t been the last one to jump on board for!!

There is some in my craft room too:

It is really simple, first just print out my words on the computer.

Then scribble chalk all over the back of the image.

Place it where you would like it on the chalk board. Then take a pencil and trace over everything that you want to be transferred.

The last step is to just clean it up a bit and you are done! I found a q-tip was helpful for this  part.

I am so happy with how it came out and even more that it was FREE!!

Have you noticed a theme? Who doesn’t love crafting from your stash?!

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