fostering preschooler independence safely

Fostering Preschooler Independence Safely!

Ahh, preschoolers. Wonderful, imaginative and curious little humans are in caught between “I can do it myself!” and actually being able to do it themselves. Avery is right in this time where she wants more independence and I want to give it to her, but I wasn’t sure how I could do that safely, until now. Check this out and find out why you need a Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor even if you don’t have a baby!!

preschooler independence

Right now Avery is an only child, and while I hope that this isn’t the case forever, I do think that there are some benefits to being and only child that I should take advantage of while it is happening. I want Avery to work well independently and be able to amuse herself for a period of time- but with the way our house is configured, that can be difficult. When I am working in my craft room or at the desk I am on the complete opposite side of the house as her bedroom, and with her new demand to always have the door shut it makes it hard to hear her at all, unless she is screaming. That is until this little helper came into my life; the Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor .

preschooler independence 2

I know, I know, Avery is far from a baby, but let me tell you- this thing is so amazing to have for a preschooler as well! When she wants to be in her room coloring, playing or reading, I can say  “go ahead!” without worry because I can set up the crystal clear full color (or infrared at night) camera and check on her when I need to, or the screen turns off and I can still just listen like with traditional monitors. Plus it is super small and fits easily on shelves or tables and you can remotely pan, tilt and zoom, I can easily see almost her whole room!

preschooler indpendence 3

But even BETTER than that is the two way microphone! I may have heard once “Alright Elsa (her doll) we are going to jump!” and at this point I saw her standing on her cedar chest ready to jump to her bed. Not a second later I was able to push the microphone button to offer a quick suggestion against that idea.

Did I mention she was supposed to be taking her nap?


Well that brings us to the other use for this fabulous little helper; to see what is really going on during naptime. This time she was not being the daredevil I described above, but she was still quite distracted from the task at hand… sleeping!

preschooler independence 5

All in all, it is a win/win situation because Avery gets to play on her own in her room with the door shut, and I don’t feel like she is completely unsupervised. That means mommy can craft without stress! Plus, when I do get to give Avery a sibling, you can connect 4 video monitors to the same handset so I can just pick up another one from and keep an eye on both of them remotely- awesome!

preschooler independence 4

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