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Simple Spring Science Experiment

Spring is coming and that means more of one of my favorite things: FLOWERS!! Of course I have a favorite flower, but really, I like all flowers, but mostly affordable ones. Can you blame me? That is why when I saw white daisies on sale at the grocery store for $1.99, I had to grab […]

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Everything is an art project!

I am kind of known for being the “art teacher” at my preschool.  When the director is taking parents on tours of the school and they visit my class, she says “and this is Michelle, the craftiest teacher and she can make an art project out of anything.” I take pride in that, so of […]

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Edible Art

Hey all! I know that today is supposed to be Guest Posting Sunday but I didn’t have anyone lined up for today so I thought I would share what I did with the baby class I teach on Fridays.  As always, if you are interested in guest blogging, shoot me and email at But […]

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St. Patty’s Day Decor- Rainbow Tea Light Holders

I was dying rice for my apothecary jars when I thought this could be cute if I did all of the colors and made a rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day!  So that is what I did, I didn’t have 6 vases (from the dollar tree), only 3 so I put two colors in each one.  […]

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I finally hopped on the bandwagon!!

Ok, we have all seen these around blogland, so that mixed with the fact that they are really one of the easiest crafts ever, explains the lack of tutorial for… My very own dollar store apothecary jars!!!!!!!!!! I am a dork because I hadn’t made these before due to the fact that I didn’t think […]

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