foaming rainbow

Foaming Rainbow

We are having so much fun during rainbow week at camp and I have been waiting all summer to do this science experiment! I was scrolling through pinterest and found this post from Babble Dabble Do and she said she found it in The Usborne Big Book of Science Things to Make and DO- which of course is a book I own as well! It was meant to be, we had to do it and this is how it turned out!

foaming rainbow

It was the coolest thing ever and it starts so small with just the jar and a couple of ingredients.

faoming rainbow 2

Then it starts foaming and because it goes slow, the kids can really check it out where as traditional baking soda and vinegar is a two second WOW.

foaming rainbow 3

I loved adding multiple colors too because it created the coolest rainbow effect! Especially in the bottom of the tub that the cup was in!

foaming rainbow 5

My whole class loved it and couldn’t get enough so that pretty much ensures that this is an awesome science experiment!

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