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First Day of School Photo Ideas & Props

We are just a couple weeks away from the start of school and things are already getting crazy with all the prep! One of the main things I have to make sure I get every year is a cute first day of school photo. Yeah, yeah, new shoes and lunch boxes are important, but I have to have this picture each year so I will have a sufficient number of memories to cry over when she goes to college. These are the important things in life people. Also, I want them to be fun and a little different each year so I thought I would round up some fun ideas and share them with the class so to speak. Check it out!

1st day of school photo ideas

7 Back to School Photo Prop Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of from The Educator’s Spin on It

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First Day of School Photo Signs from The Pleasantest Thing


Chalkboard Sign and Tutorial from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

firstdayofschool chalkboard

Free Printable First Day of School from Kids Activities Blog


First and Last Day Printables from 3 Dinosaurs

first and last day

Sidewalk Chalk Pictures from School Time Snippets

sidewalk chalk

6 Fabulous 1st Day of School Photo Ideas from Kitchen Counter Chronicles


First Day of Kindergarten DIY Wooden Letter Photo Prop from Delicate Construction



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