first day of school fun

First Day of School Fun!

I can’t believe we are at the start of another school year!

I feel like I have taken this preschool drop off thing with the babiest of baby steps.

When Avery was in the 18 month class, I was the teacher so I didn’t have to say goodbye or drop off at all.

When Avery was in the 2 year old class last year, I taught next door, so I said bye, but I didn’t go very far.

This year was the first time I dropped her off and left the school.


Truth be told, I didn’t even have time to be upset because I had so much to cram into that four, well more like 3 hours of school! I came home and cleaned and did part of the grocery shopping and it was over! She had a blast!

Before I left however, I had to be that mom that totally set up a first day of school photo op for everyone to use. I thought it was pretty cute and everyone liked it!

first day

I also had to bring her teacher a little gift- I think her teacher is amazing, plus I got to work with her all year last year so I know how great of a teacher she is! First we did the little teacher tool kit, just a bunch of fun little things in an organized bin.


Also, I had to make something for the rest of the teachers, and I had already made Mrs. Wanda a colored pencil that I shared HERE, so I thought I would go school wide and make some for all the teachers!

It was a great first day!! I am sure the year is going to go by in a flash!


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