It never fails, I usually finish my mantle for a holiday about a day or two before the actual holiday, I just keep adding and adding.

Why should 4th of July be any different? Here we are the day before the holiday and I am still adding to the mantle, but why not, I will always have this stuff for next year!

Here is the newest addition:

I was  putting the garage back after the normal disorganization from use and while putting all my scrap wood together in a plastic tub, I thought the fireworks I had seen around a lot last year would be a fun and quick little project.

They were very easy and the longest part of the project was waiting for the spray paint to dry. I gave one a coat of red and one a coat of blue. I would have made more but I cut these with a hand saw and it was enough work to cut one.

Then I wrapped washi tape in the opposite color around each one.

After that it was a simple hole drilled in the top for a few pieces of curled up wired and done!

One the mantle they went!

What is your favorite 4th of July project you made this year?


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