fine motor tissue paper mobile

Fine Motor Tissue Paper Mobile

Sometimes I do projects at school that just find their way to my home as well. I just like how they tun out or they seem fun and I have to do them with Avery too- this is one of those projects. I am working on a very involved Creation project (which will make sense and be shared when it is complete) and I included a version of this mobile and I love how it turned out so much I had to try it with Avery and this is what we came up with!

Tissue paper mobile

It was pretty simple to put together and a fun and different way to work on fine motor skills. I started with tissue paper and I just cut circle like shapes, I wasn’t really worried at all about creating perfect circles.

tissue paper mobile 2

Next, I made my own needle like tool out of a pipe cleaner. If you have a plastic needle for kids then you can skip this whole step and use that. First, I just took the piece of yarn and tied it around the pipe cleaner.

tissue paper mobile 3

Next, I just folded the pipe cleaner at the knot of yarn and twisted it into one piece and then it was easy to poke that through the tissue paper. I didn’t find that I needed a knot at the end of the yarn because the tissue paper stays put pretty easily.

tissue paper mobile 4

Then I let Avery just start stringing pieces of tissue paper on the yarn!

tissue paper mobile 5

The pinching part of this activity is great for little fingers and especially early writers.

tissue paper mobile 7

While we worked on them the pieces got all scrunched up, no worries, I just went back later to space out the pieces a bit.tissue paper mobile 8


Then I just tied them to a branch in Avery’s classroom and it looked amazing! This was a fun project and undercover developmental practice- the best kind!

tissue paper mobile 9


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