fiesta party ideas

Fiesta Party Ideas

This last weekend starts the lovely marathon month of fundraisers and birthday parties. Mid Feburary to mid March is always the busiest time for me and first up? The fundraiser at my synagogue. This year the theme was fiesta and since this is a fundraiser, the budget is like limbo- I always want to see how low I can go. Here is what I came up with:

fiesta party ideas

Grand total for this event? $25, pretty sweet, right? It all started with a lot of things that we had on hand and that the Program Director was able to grab from a friend. One of those things was a couple dozen gorgeous sombreros. I was able to just stack a couple on some of the tables on top of a black linen covered with a bright lace overlay and it was perfect. I love quick and easy too!

fiesta party ideas 3

For the other centerpieces I made these bowls of tissue paper flowers, I love these because the bowls are from the dollar store and all I did was spray paint them gold. The 15 flowers in this arrangement came from one pack of tissue paper that I also found at the dollar store and is stuck into a piece of florist foam. The whole centerpiece is under $3 easy.

fiesta party ideas 6

For the belly bar tables, I did a couple of the flowers in these fun Sangria bottles and added some sweet little homemade maracas and such around the bottom. For the maracas I just filled a plastic Easter egg with beans, sandwiched it between two spoons and covered the whole thing in washi tape- fabulous!

fiesta party ideas 4

The caterers had a great time with the tapas buffet using a variety of items and I love the way it all came out!

fiesta party ideas 2

I was also grateful for such an awesome and cute little helper!

fiesta party ideas 5On to the next event!


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