felt rainbow wreath

Felt Rainbow Wreath

We are half way through camp at the preschool and I have been carrying on with my summer tradition of a wreath a week. If you are new to these parts, our preschool has a summer camp with various weekly themes and I like to make a wreath for each of the weeks that goes along so everyone knows what to expect for the week. This week was one of my favorites, the world is a rainbow and I think this is my favorite wreath so far! Check it out!

Now I have scored because I already have quite a few foam wreath forms from FloraCraft on hand so I grabbed one of those and a bunch of felt and got to work! I started by cutting squares from the felt, I didn’t measure because it doesn’t have to be exact, I just cut 4 strips from each sheet and then 3 squares from each strip. Super easy!

Then I took a dull pencil and used it to press the middle of the felt into the foam. The felt and a foam have a natural velcro like relationship so it is pretty snug so I didn’t use any glues or anything like that. The fact that the pencil coordinates so well with the felt was not planned, just luck!

It was such a fast wreath to put together! I went about 2/3 the way around the form with the colors, one line of each to make the arch of the rainbow.

Once the arch was done, it was time to fill in the bottom with some white napkins to make the clouds, you could also use white felt but I wanted it to have a different texture and be a little bigger than the felt so I went with napkins that were larger squares and love how it came out. I just cut off the two folded sides of a stack of napkins at a time and added them around the wreath in stacks of 2 to 3 layers, a single layer is too thin and the pencil will just go right through.

I love a wreath that goes together so fast and easy because it is the perfect evening TV activity! Do you like to decorate with wreaths? Let me know in the comments below!


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