favorite crafts of 2010

Favorite Crafts of 2010

I have had sooooo much fun this year!! Of course my FAVORITE thing I made this year was this little beauty:
She is now 10 months of spunky adorable-ness and I am SO excited to start planning her first birthday party!!! 
But on to the crafts! I went through all the pictures and picked out the ones that stood out and this is what I found…
First I loved these Glam Napkin Rings I made with glitter and rhinestones (and the rings came from the dollar store!):
Next this 2$ Dishtowel Apron was also lots of fun:
These Covered Journals went to a good cause but I also made TONS more =):
I was a big fan of the Covered Candy Bar Wrappers… these were the ones I made for my baby shower:
These 30 Minute Mini Scrapbooks are great for gifts, especially to expecting moms because they are quick for the recipient to fill and label… almost as easy as they are to make!
I think these ABC Magnets are a much cuter statement to have on the fridge than the standard set and my nephew thinks they are great!
Sensory bottles were a big hit with Avery and my nephew and I have made many of them:
These were perfect mother’s day presents last year for our moms, the Gift Card Tin Mini Scrapbook makes a wonderful brag book:
The Zipper Flower made it’s way to many of my purses and sweaters as well as some great bows for Avery:
And last but certainly not least is a current favorites, the Homemade Play Kitchen:
And my Dry Erase Frame I made for the gift exchange (it was quite the hit!):

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