faux leather bow

Faux Leather Bow

I am still on my faux leather kick and today I thought I would make something for Avery!

Here is what I came up with:


 I think it is cute, I may have to make a bunch more!

Here is how I did it! I took the same sample I grabbed from the zero waste program that I explained here and cut a strip.

Then I added a piece of hot glue to one side.

And made a ring.

Pinched it with the seam side in the middle.

Pinched it bow style.

Then wrapped it with string, I did a loop around and then wrapped it a bunch of times.

Then added hot glue to hold it there and trimmed the extra.

For the part around the center, I cut a small strip about a half inch wide and a few inches long.

First I glue it on the front.

Then from the back glue it down one side at a time.

Then add a clip and done!

If only there was yellow leather in that pack.
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