fast and easy napkin wreath

Fast and Easy Napkin Wreath

I made another wreath!!

And, you know the best part about this one? It only took 20 min!!

As far as wreath making goes, you don’t get faster than that!

Plus, it is super cute too-


july 15 2013 020c


I was cleaning out some cupboards at work and I found a random stash of napkins, not enough for much of anything, I think there were 5 of each color so I brought them home to make something with them. I didn’t know at the time that ‘something’ would be a wreath but I should have been able to guess.

For this wreath I used 6 napkins, 3 of each color so it was the perfect project for these leftovers that I had found. First I grabbed one of my trusty pool noodle wreath forms (I cut a foot off of a standard pool noodle from the dollar store and then duct tape the ends together) and then I cut each of the  napkins diagonally in half so that I got 8 triangles from each napkin. There was some additional cutting of folds on the corner ones, you could use scissors but I wanted my lines to be strait so I got out the paper cutter.


napkin wreath


After I had my piles of triangles, I got out a double sided tape roller and added some adhesive along the long side of each of the napkins and placed them on the wreath. I layered each napkin about an inch above the previous one, with the points lining up as best as possible. I went around the entire wreath until the whole thing was covered.

napkin wreath 2


Last, all I had to do was add some ribbon and hang it on my door! This is probably the fastest and easiest wreath I have ever made!


napkin collage 3

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