fall kids craft painted stick sculpture

Fall Kid’s Craft {Painted Stick Sculpture}

I love fall and I also love kid’s art, especially my own kid’s art but this piece, has to be one of my favorites- ever.

The best part about this project was she basically led the way. I was trying to think of an art project to do with her and was easily over complicating things and she just took the reigns and I followed- it turned out better than I could imagine!

Isn’t it cool?

It started with “mommy, I want to make a tree, we need a trunk first”

I start immediately thinking about all the paper towel rolls I have saved and but I say “what should we use?”

“branches mommy, we have some outside”

Duh, that is much better!! So I go break off some branches from the dead tree in the backyard (convenient in times like this) and bring them inside. “what next?”

She asks for paint, that is easy enough, so I go grab so fall like colors and let her have at the branches. It already started looking amazing.

Before it could dry we added some glitter and that is when I started thinking of an interesting way to mount the branches. I had a piece of wood in the garage and I spray painted that yellow and I thought it would work great! When the branches were dry, I arranged them and hot glued any piece that touched the wood to secure it. Then she said the tree needed leaves so I grabbed these little shiny leaf sequins and a bottle of tacky glue and let her do her thing. She loved it!

It came out so great!!

Have you ever let your kids design their own project”

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