fall floral basket centerpiece

Fall Floral Basket Centerpiece

Another day, another centerpiece! Well, maybe only lately but that certainly sounds like a pretty accurate description of life currently. Last night was the Sukkot Shabbat dinner for my synagogue and of course I wanted to make something for the table. These were quick and easy and I loved how they looked inside the sukkah with all the decorations, the perfect level of rustic fall, you know, if that is a thing.

Here is what you need:

  • Baskets (I found mine on clearance at Michaels)
  • Flowers (real or fake, your choice, if it is real, use a glass inside the basket for water)
  • Foam (I use Make It Fun: Crafts foam, if you are using real flowers, use floral foam)


I started with baskets and foam, I cut down a few foam cubes that I had in 3 pieces and the trimmed off the corners to fit in the baskets. It doesn’t matter what it looks like since you won’t see it in the end.

Then I started adding the flowers. I used faux flowers for this partly because they were on clearance and party because I knew I would be able to use them for another craft as well and get more bang for my buck.

You could use only flowers but I feel like greenery and little bobbles help create a more finished look.

When I had finished a couple, I had sat them on some of the wood disks that were also on my table and I did a double take and decided I liked that look so I packed up nine of those as well when I brought everything to the synagogue.

The finished look was simple and sweet and I loved how it turned out. I also loved how the sukkah looked with everything together.


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