eric carle birthday party party hats part 1

Eric Carle Birthday Party- Party Hats Part 1

I wanted party hats to go along with our theme but, not surprisingly, you can’t pick them just at the local store. 
So I made them!
Here is how I did it!
First I made a template, I used a big “D” shape that I made to fit an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.
Then I stapled a few sheets together, this way I could cut multiple hats from the template at a time without the paper moving and sliding.
Then came the painting- the fun part! I picked two colors for each hat and blended them together with various paint strokes and let them dry.
When they are dry you can make them into the hats, the long sides get overlapped and the center becomes the point of your hat. I used two staples because it was quick, easy, and I didn’t have to wait for anything two dry. I also added a crepe paper ruffle with tacky glue, I put the glue on and pinched the ruffle into place as I went.
Now, I really like them like this but I am going to take them one step further, but this basic tutorial could make hats for any themed party. Instead of painting the paper you could mod podge scrapbook paper, or fabric, either one would be really cute! The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Miller Racing Family February 21, 2011 at 3:23 am #

    Girl I am so loving this party theme. I love that you thought outside the box and that you are sharing your great ideas. I can’t wait to see how the party turns out.