eric carle birthday party crafty party favor

Eric Carle Birthday Party- Crafty Party Favor

I finally settled on having a chocolate fountain at Avery’s birthday (I got one for a gift so why not use it!) so I didn’t want the party favor to be full of candy or things that were just going to be thrown away.

Don’t get me wrong, this will probably get thrown away too at some point. But at least it will occupy the kiddos for a few minutes first!
It is a take home craft, there is a book mark made from foam and foam stickers, all together in a cute little package!
First I made the bookmarks, yeah you can buy them, they had them in 10 packs at the dollar store but I would have needed four. Won’t break the bank, but right under it was a pack of foam, also a dollar, that I was able to use to make all 40 bookmarks.
Hey, 3 dollars is 3 dollars!
First I cut the foam into two inch strips:
Then I glued two colors together with the hot glue gun:
And added a hole and a piece of ribbon I had on hand: 
See, 40 bookmarks- 1 dollar, this is why my husband married me =) :
Then came the goody bags, they didn’t have just plain party bags so I grabbed some snack zipper bags and paper shreds, also from the dollar store:
I bought four different types of foam stickers and mixed them all together:
Then I mixed the two colors of paper shreds in a bag that I had on hand:
First I added the bookmark to the bag:
Then some paper shreds:
And the stickers on top:
And close them up!
Then I made the labels, I cut paper 4 inches by 6 1/2 inches (the 6 1/2 was the width of my bag):
And glued some of my painted 1 inch circles across the top in a single row:
Last step- staple them on!
Turned out to be such an involved process- but I am very happy with what they look like in the end, I am also going to add a quick printed label to the back that thanks the guests for coming. 
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