easy valentine centerpiece

Easy Valentine Centerpiece

I love crafting for each holiday because why not celebrate as much as possible?! Plus, each year I make a few more things and so I have more for the next year. I think it is great that it all builds on itself! These centerpieces were super easy to put together and I think they are the perfect little touch on this table. 

But I have to keep it real for a moment, this is our new-to-us table and I love that it has tiles that show me the exact center for the centerpieces. My OCD is quite the fan.

Ok, moving on to how I made them.

First, this is what my table looked like before, I love tulips and when I was sick the hubbs brought me home some. He is amazing. I love how tulips still look great even when their petals are falling off. They don’t discolor at all, they just fall apart in a way that still looks kind of pretty. 

Back to Materials:

  • 3 Mason Jars
  • 3 Candles
  • Heart Doilies (I used 5 on each so 15 total)
  • Bakers Twine in Red
  • Heart Candies (clearance!)
  • Tape (not pictured)

I just added one piece of the tape on each heart doily and layered them on each other all around the jar.

Then I wrapped the bakers twine around 3 times and knotted it.


Then came the heart candies I found for 50% off, woohoo!

I just put a third in each jar.

Then I dropped the candles in and pushed them down. I was going to glitter the candle or something but you can’t really see it with the doilies so I didn’t waste the time. They will look great lit though!

What is on your table right now?

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