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The Secret to Easy Summer Reading! {Hint: it involves your favorite Disney Characters!}

Reading is a large part of all our lives, but especially when you have a little one and they are in the verge of learning to read themselves! Sometimes we look through the library and with how often we read, we kind of feel like everything is on repeat! Wouldn’t it be nice to just run to the store or the library to pick up a new book for bedtime? It certainly would, and I have found an easy and convenient way to do that! The bonus here is that Avery can choose from a wide variety of books from all the Disney characters she loves! I love the Disney Story Central website and app and can’t wait to share it with you!

disney story central

Disney Story Central is part of the overall Disney family and it is one of my new favorite mommy secrets that I just can’t keep to myself. It is so nice being able to chose a new book to read anytime we want and it works on both computers and tablets! You can even pull it up on your phone when you are in a waiting room or at the store- you can avoid a potential tantrum and not feel guilty because they are browsing through a library of books! You can search many different ways, but the easiest for Avery was being able to look at different collections by character.

Once she chose which books she liked, she was able to look through them on her own, or turn up the volume and have them read aloud. I love that I can have her listening to stories while I am making dinner, it is like the ultimate way to multitask!

disney story central 2

I also love that I don’t have to feel like I am always reading the same books at bedtime, I can pick up the tablet and sit down and read with Avery and be as excited as she is about what happens next.

disney story central 4

Not to mention, summer is coming and so is the last day of school (if it hasn’t already) and what a great resource to have for those lazy summer afternoons! There is no way the kids could get bored! I can add books from my computer on the website and when Avery logs on to the link I added to homepage of the tablet, or even better the free Disney Story Central app, and  they are there waiting for her! There is even a subscription option for only $7.99 a month to have access to the whole library! How awesome is that?

disney story central 3

Do you have more than one child? No problem, there is even the option to create personalized book shelves for each child! Plus kids can earn rewards for reading which will encourage them to keep at it and develop a lifelong love of reading! I hope you check this out for yourself!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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