easy spring tablescape

Easy Spring Tablescape

I am all for entertaining. I think I have established that pretty well here. So even if we are having family over for an easy weeknight dinner, that is a good enough reason for me to put together a fun tablescape. Not all dinner party tables need to be elaborate and involved, simple and easy can look just as nice.

spring tablescape

This table I put together in about 15 minutes and I am really happy with the way it came out! I wanted it to be bright and cheery because that just screams “Spring” to me so I grabbed a bright pink tablecloth (really a flat sheet that was gotten for Avery’s bed but we have never used for that purpose). On top of that I used our plain white plates that are bought approximately a million Thanksgivings ago that go with everything. I am telling you, white plates are a GREAT investment. Stock up during the holidays when they are on sale. Since it was a weeknight, I went with plastic silverware and paper napkins, plus this was a way to add a bit more color for fun. I used yellow utensils and turquoise napkins which really popped off the pink and white base.

spring tablescape2

The centerpiece was made out of simple glass jars (the kind from yummy coffee drinks if you catch my drift) that I taped off, Mod Podged and then doused in glitter. In the jar were these sweet yellow daffodils, picked primarily because they were like $1.50 a bundle at the grocery store.

spring tablescape 3

I love the way it came out and it just shows you how fun and easy spring tablescapes can be!

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