easy ribbon winter trees

Easy Ribbon Winter Trees

I love putting together my mantle for each season and usually when December comes, I love a white and gold mantle- it just goes so well with both Hanukkah and Christmas and most of it can stay on through January as well! Today I am sharing with you the easy Ribbon Winter Trees I made and where I got this fun idea!

While reading through the Make It: Fun Crafts Holiday eBook, like multiple times, I kept coming back to these adorable fringe trees made with various sizes of the FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam cones. You have to click HERE to check them out along with 20 or so additional adorable holiday crafts in this FREE eBook!

I didn’t have fringe on hand, but I figured I could make a similar looking cone by using the same technique just with cut up ribbon. I had a lot of white ribbon on hand so I just got to cutting it up into inch and a half or so pieces.

Then I started at the bottom and began hot gluing each piece onto the cone. I love FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam cones because you can actually hot glue materials to them where as other foams just melt from the heat.

I worked my way to the top until I was done! These are really easy to put together and I got both of them done in under 30 minutes for sure.

If you want, here is a quick video tutorial of this tree as well!



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