easy personalized artist aprons

Easy Personalized Artist Aprons

As you have seen before, many times the projects I make come by request of friends, which is totally fine with me! I love helping them out and they are usually great ideas that are really fun to make like these artists aprons for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party! I love how they came out and I am sure that the kids loved getting them! Plus they were pretty easy to make which is always an added bonus!

It all started with a plain chefs apron, you can get these online or at a store like Smart & Final, they may be big but the kids won’t mind a bit!

I also gathered every color of the rainbow plus a couple of shades of brown and some black in heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl, my favorite place to get vinyl! The images that I used are found in Cricut Design Space and even though I had the subscription I do believe I bought this image for around $2. It is so nice that you can buy single images when you need them! I believe this is the artist pallet from Tangled which is funny because I also did a Tangled party for this same family and you can check that out HERE. The first thing I printed was the artist pallet in light brown and the brush base in black and then the brush got another dark brown layer over it.

After that, it was time to make the colors, I just cut all the circles (which I added to the image so that they would have all the colors) at 1 inch and positioned them, eyeballing of course.

They ironed easily right over the second layer! Expressions Vinyl sends all the directions on how to iron their vinyl so it is fool proof! I love how easily you can layer vinyl without the worry of lifting!

It can be left as is and would be super cute or you could go the next step and personalize them!

The request include the names in rainbow colors which involved cutting each letter in it’s color (I suggest writing out all the names so you can cut all the pink letters together and so on) and placing them individually. I am pretty good at this kind of thing from all the practice I have gotten over the years but if needed, you could get one of the erasable fabric pencils and make a line on the apron if that helps. If you trim them down close enough it should be easy to place them all and iron at once!

That’s it! I loved how they looked on the table with the little easel place cards, so sweet!

Do you add personalized touches to your children’s birthday parties? Let me know in the comments below!

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