easy pencil vase no glue

Easy Pencil Vase (No Glue!)

Tonight was the last night in sukkah and the night that the preschool and torah school had their annual breakfast for dinner get together. This is a fun way to get all the kids crammed in the sukkah and enjoying a night of Sukkot together. Also, it is a great fundraising opportunity and this year, instead of payment for dinner, we collected books and school supplies. These are the centerpieces I came up with… at the last minute, naturally.

I was struggling to think of an idea that was affordable (for 18 tables) but also fun for the kids. That is when the idea for the pencil vases came to mind. I love seeing these for back to school, but I didn’t want to buy all these pencils and then hot glue them because then not only would I not be able to use the vases again, but the pencils would be no good as well. So I decided instead I would build this similarly to how I build diaper cakes so all the pencils could be taken off and donated in the end. For these small vases I grabbed at the dollar store, it took 28 pencils to go around the outside and they had 24 packs also at the dollar store so it was just over a couple dollars per table.

I started by putting a rubber band around the bottle and the handful of 24 pencils and then worked them around the jar.

Then I added the last four (or however many you might need).

Next, I doubled a rubber band so it was tighter and slipped that over the whole thing. The looser rubber band worked well to hold them in place, but the tighter rubber band ensured that things didn’t move around and fall apart in transport.

I slipped off the looser band and then tied a piece of ribbon around the whole thing (another dollar store find) with a simple little bow.

On my way to the event, I stopped at the store and grabbed some brightly colored carnations and the centerpiece was done! Simple and affordable.

I also love how the colors of the flowers worked with the tablecloths that were chosen for the event.


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