easy office decor idea

Easy Office Decor Idea

My husband officially has an office, like a real office in the main building of the organization he works for, it is pretty fancy.

Well, it could be.

But here is the thing, my husband is the definition of minimalist. If he had his way, all the walls would be bare and white and there would be nothing on the desks or any other surfaces. He just doesn’t see the need so certainly decorating the office was not that interesting to him.

I had been itching to do it since he moved in but he didn’t like any of my ideas.

The thing that helped, however, is more than being a minimalist, my husband likes to just keep his head down and work rather than be noticed and possibly the center of any attention. His bare office was doing the opposite of that. Every time the CEO walked by, she urged, nudged and questioned when he was going to decorate, that pretty much got him in gear.

I ran into a few issues though, trying to find simple ideas that weren’t overly girly or anything like that for his walls. What we came up with, I can’t even take credit for- this was all Wade’s idea and he did the whole thing, I just took the pictures- and it came out great!

easy office wall decor

It was such a simple project and took up most of the wall for under $30. I picked up one of those 10 pack of frames and I chose the 10×10 inch squares. Then 9 of them got painted black- as usual, this takes a few coats to get full coverage.
easy office decor 2Next, after all of the canvases were dry, we put them in a square pushed up against each other on some paper to protect the table underneath. When I got the canvases, I also picked up a few bottles of paint in various shades of green and one off-white color.  Hubs took each bottle, one at a time, and created an abstract pattern on the canvases by just squirting it around the surface. You just keep going until you have the look you like- very easy and even fun!

easy wall decor 3I think it looks great and he gets a ton of compliments on it!

How do you decorate your work space?

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