easy kids leggings

Easy Kid’s Leggings

I had a lot of fun with lace this weekend and I of course had to make something for Avery!!

I had seen some of those adorable lace leggins for girls and I thought this would be the perfect chance for try it out! Many of the tutorials I saw utilized existing leggins as a template, which I had on hand. A few steps later and I had a cute pair or leggings perfect for dresses!

I started with a pair of pants I had, I knew they were a bit short so I added some length to the end and then an extra inch and a half to the top so I could fold it over to make a waist band. On this fabric, it had a finished ruffly edge on one side already so I just lined that up with the opening for the legs so I wouldn’t have to worry about hemming the bottom.

I pinned it before I cut so that it wouldn’t move around on me, then when I was done cutting, I added a few more pins. I sewed up the outside of the legs first and then the inside seam.

I folded the top of the leggins down, pinned it and stitched all the way around. I left about an inch opening for the elastic.

I measured the elastic to her waist, I didn’t add any extra because I want them to be a bit stretch, I would have used smaller elastic if I had it available. I have a bunch of this 3/4 from making tutus and since I was experimenting, it worked great.

Once it was all the way through, I overlapped the elastic and stitched it a couple of times.

Then I was done! I hung them up until Avery woke up from nap and I could bribe her with Mickey Mouse to let me put them on her and get some photos. Of course you can see the elastic because it is lace and they are see through themselves, but they are 100% under dresses only, leggings.

But they look adorable on!!

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  1. The Students Wife February 13, 2013 at 11:44 pm #

    That is so cute! Looks so easy!