easy fundraising idea

Easy Fundraising Idea

In addition to the rest of life, this year I am also the Parent Committee President at my daughter’s preschool. A big part of this job is fundraising but the quicker, easier and more affordable the better! This idea is the perfect easy fundraising idea and while it takes a little work, it is a guaranteed hit!

I actually cannot claim this idea, one of the amazing moms at the preschool did this  a few years ago, I just decided to bring it back by popular demand! I staged a backdrop with a bunch of pumpkins and some curtains from my house, the log we had at the preschool too and it was the perfect thing to sit on!

I then used PicMonkey to edit the pictures and the filter I used, get this, is under the holiday themes and then under vampires, and is called Nosferatu Dawn. Yeah, totally a vampire filter but I loved what it did to the pictures, came across as the perfect fall look for me!! Here is Avery’s:

After I took, edited and printed all the pictures, I got to work making the frames. I picked up the paper, various orange cardstocks, for 4/$1, it is really good to wait for one of these sales, it isn’t horrible if you don’t but it makes the cost of each frame much less. I cut the pumpkins on my Cricut and just made them as big as I could on a 12×12 piece of paper. Also, I used Cricut Craftroom to add a rectangle inside on the right to have a cutout for the picture, just make sure it is slightly smaller than 4×6 so you picture fits well. Then I also cut the word “fall” and had the letters overlap so it was one cut as well. Then I started assembling the frames! I used a brad to attach 3 leaves in the bottom right hand corner, tied a knot is some ribbon and glued it to the top, added the word on the left and then taped the picture in the back with some cute washi tape. Super simple to put together but so cute!

The best part?! They cost about a $1 to make and we sold them for $5, parents love it because it is a cute picture of their kid in a sweet frame for a low price (I mean, really, how do you turn it down for $5?!?!) and it is great for the school because it has such a large profit! We are going to do these a couple more times this year because it went so well, you can put them in any shape! Tree, driedel, heart, egg, flower- whatever!

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