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Easy and Fun Halloween Treats

Tomorrow is the Halloween Dance at Scotty’s day program and it is one of the few things that I can volunteer for over there. So, even though Scott doesn’t even go to the dances (they can be overwhelming for him, we took him once but it wasn’t something he was too excited about) I always like to send in a bunch of treats for the bake sale fundraiser. This ended up working out fabulously with the October Blogger Blitz program with FloraCraft® because this month they sent us …. wait for it… FloraCraft® Foam Heads! The nice people challenged us with 6 Heads and because of this, I have two fun posts coming at you! This one is a fun display idea for Halloween treats and next weeks will be an everyday idea. But back to the Halloween treats, check it out!

halloween treats

Isn’t it fun! I made a bunch of extra marshmallow pops and provided them with some extra cupcakes so this can be displayed at the dance and refilled as people purchase. They are painted in fun bright colors that I thought would stand out well in the dark and, maybe this is child labor- but I put Avery to work painting them. It is all good, the first thing she asked when I opened this box from FloraCraft® a couple of weeks ago was “Can I paint them?!” I have also heard that question almost daily and/or every time she catches a glimpse of that box o’ heads so she was very excited to finally get to paint them. Seriously, I may have to pick these up at Joann’s or Michael’s regularly after this- good thing they are only $5!

halloween treats 6

After they were painted, I drilled holes in the heads in a mohawk for the male heads and all over for the female head and be careful to make it equal so it will stay balanced and still stand on it’s own. They were also extremely helpful as a place to dry the marshmallow pops with the eyes in them! Win/win!

halloween treats 2

As for the treats, all off the marshmallow pops get individually wrapped, I made some fun popcorn hands which are a staple and I did one of my favorite bake sale tricks. I learned this from another mom friend, to pick up the $5 50 count cookies from the grocery store and break them up into 25 two packs and they are usually sold for a dollar each.

halloween treats 3

In the past I have used plastic treat bags, but this time I cut envelopes out of card stock on my Cricut and also added a peep hole in the front so people could see the cookies inside. So that the cookies didn’t get stale, I hot glued a cut piece from a sandwich bag to create a window- which was a great way to cut the cost because I had everything on hand!

halloween treats 4

I am excited to take everything in tomorrow and I hope they like them and it helps make some extra money! Plus it is super fun to make these treats, since I don’t really get to eat like this right now. It does look really good though….

halloween treats 5


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  1. Sharon October 19, 2014 at 6:00 pm #

    What fun for Halloween, and I love how Avery helped out. Thank You!


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