easy foil wrapped smores

Easy Foil Wrapped S’mores

It is camping week at preschool this week and since I have been in the office this week, I knew I had to make a treat for all the kids. What is one of the best things about camping?? S’mores of course!! Now I needed to make around 60 of these and I don’t exactly have the time to just sit by the campfire for each marshmallow so I made them in bulk and I thought I would show you how in case you ever want to have them at a party or other event!


It was super simple, all I had to do was build the s’more on a piece of foil. I had these foil sheets that were super convenient but you could just cut your own foil as well. I just placed the graham cracker, 4 pieces of melting chocolate (I only had to buy 2 bags of melting chocolate for 66 s’mores and by doing this instead of chocolate bars I saved a TON of money for the school) and a marshmallow. Then I just balanced the last graham cracker on top and wrapped up all four sides to make a little s’more packet.


I lined them all up on some giant sheet trays and then added one more on top to weigh it down so they got a little squished as they cooked.


That is it! Then you can serve them warm or you can leave them at room temperature until you are ready to take off the foil and enjoy! Yummy, fast and easy!!



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