easy fat quarter infinity scarf kids

Easy Fat Quarter Infinity Scarf for Kids!

I am an avid scarf wearer, I love the style and since I am rarely cold, they are about as close to a jacket as I get in the winter. Since I have a couple dozen to choose from, naturally Avery is always asking to use mine, or have mine but they are just to long to be safe. That is where this quick and easy tutorial comes into play, she has her own perfectly sized scarf and I don’t have to worry about paint and scissors near mine! Well, except when I wear them to work anyways.

All I used for this infinity scarf was 2 fat quarts- that’s it! I like the ones I find at Walmart for $.99 but there are so many at Joanns if you want a larger selection. I think this is perfect on Avery and would be fine on kids younger  if you feel that they could safely wear one without choking themselves, but I don’t know that it would fit kids 7 and older very well, you may need to buy fabric by the yard and cut it down to about 18×24 inches (the fat quarters are 18×21 inches).

To start, I put the right sides together and sewed the two shorter sides together with my sewing machine.

Then I folded the long sides together (with the right sides on facing each other on the inside) and sewed along that edge.

Now that I had a tube, I turned that right side out, this would be a great time to iron everything, though I had an excited and not very patient 6 year old waiting for this scarf to be done so I skipped that.

Then I put the ends together with the seams touching (again, with the right sides together) and the trickiest part of this (which is more like magic than difficult) comes next.

I put that into the sewing machine and sewed around until I just couldn’t any more, you will know this when it happens. Then when you pull it out of the machine you have magically sewed the ends together with the seam inside- look at how good you are!

At this point, it is like finishing off a pillow, you have just a little gap and you fold the raw edge in and sew as close to the edge as possible. You could also hand stitch this if you really wanted it to not show, but again, with that excited 6 year old.

And that’s it! Avery is thrilled with her scarf and I am glad that it was only $2!

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