easy fall diy pillow

Easy Fall DIY Pillow

I enjoy decorating for the seasons and one of the easiest changes to the living room is a pillow refresh. Now, this is a relatively new thing for me  because I thought it was this super expensive endeavor but that is until I discovered pillow covers and Amazon. I don’t have to buy all new pillows, I just have to save the inserts from the ones that came with my couch and switch out their covers each season. When I was looking for options for fall, this fun light beige plaid pillow was certainly on the list and when I got 4 covers instead of 2, I knew a DIY project was in my future.

Once I had decided on a phrase, I created a design in my Cricut Design Space software and cut it on some of my favorite gold foil (make sure to mirror your image when cutting iron on vinyl).

I weeded it with my tool (I seriously don’t know how I did anything before I had this) to pull off all the excess foil.

Next, I centered my image on the pillow cover and turned on my iron, I set it to cotton and let it warm up for a few minutes.

I ironed my image according to the instructions on my vinyl and done!

I love the way it came out, it is simple while still making a statement.

What would your pillow say? Let me know in the comments below!

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