easy embellishments clear glass vases

Easy Embellishments {Clear Glass Vases}

It is no secret that I like to throw a party, save some money and use what I have… don’t you?
I thought so. 
That is why I have collected many clear glass vases of all shapes and sizes over time. I can pick them up at the dollar store and they can be embellished to go with any holiday, party or get together. Since this time of year is full of such events for most of us- I thought I would share a bunch of ways to embellish them with things I had around the house and craft area! I didn’t plan on a pink theme but Avery was next to me and helped me pick the colors- apparently she has a favorite.
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Of course these are not the only ways to decorate vases, but they are the first ones that came to mind with the materials available, hope you find something that can help you with decor and centerpieces this holiday season!
1. Grab a spool of thread, tie it on and wrap it around about a million times (give or take a few) then tie it off.
2. Mod Podge and salt frosted vase, I did this with candles last year but it is super easy to do with vases as well- it would look even better with a candle inside. 
3. Wrap with ribbon in any color or style. 
4. Avery helped me with this one, I cut out circles from sticker glitter foam with a one inch punch and let her stick them on all over the vase. I am such a sucker for kids art. 
 5. This is so easy it is hilarious, I grabbed a leg warmer of Avery’s that lost it’s match and put it on the vase. Done.
6. I added some paper inside this one so you can see the effect more clearly in the photo. I cut thin slices of vinyl and placed them on in all different directions around the center of the vase. Then I added mod podge and glitter and removed the vinyl with a pair of tweezers. You could do this with any shape, letters or color of glitter.
7. Almost a rosette inspired vase, with the fabric tied on and then twisted around and then tied in place. 
8. This is a favorite from before that I had to add, simple and sweet, just wrap twine or jute rope around and tie it off- this would be great for a thanksgiving table. 
 It was so much fun to embellish all these vases! Hope you found something useful!

2 Responses to Easy Embellishments {Clear Glass Vases}

  1. Lindsay November 19, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

    Super creative, Michelle! I love this idea, so many possibilities with it!

  2. Renewed Upon a Dream November 20, 2011 at 1:17 am #

    Oh I love the leg warmer one the most! Ha! So cute, great ideas!