easy drink cozies happy handmade holidays

Easy Drink Cozies {Happy Handmade Holidays}

I feel like not matter how many lists I make, I always end up needed more little presents for friends and teachers and what not. Usually it is deciding just to get presents for family and then ending up wanting to get something little for a friend so they know that I thought of them.

This is perfect for a last minute gift or one to have in your back pocket for when you need it. Who can’t use a drink cozie?

I had picked these up months ago on clearance, can you see that? $.50, you know that I had to pick up all the ones they  had there!!

Then I was lucky enough to get to try out these awesome ZIP Screens from Fashion Art Projects and they are one of the coolest things that I have tried lately!!!

The two things together made a great and affordable gift!

I chose the butterflies for my cozies.

It was so easy, I just laid out the cozie and put the butterflies on top, it is slightly stick so it stays in place.

Then I used the super cool squeegee paint tool to apply the paint evenly over the whole thing.

Then I pulled it off! It was so quick and so easy!! Seriously, under 5 minutes and I made 3. You can’t beat that!!

Not too shabby for under a buck, huh?!

{Products were given to me free of charge, but all opinions and projects are my own. }

One Response to Easy Drink Cozies {Happy Handmade Holidays}

  1. Eve Myers December 12, 2012 at 11:52 pm #

    I keep meaning to make some of these, but I never end up doing that! I should!