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Easy DIY Sukkah

In our High Holy Day marathon, we have moved on to the next holiday- Sukkot. However, this is a fun one and for the first time, I am determined to build a sukkah. I have meant to every year and every year I let it get away from me. Well the little one is old enough to be really good at nagging reminding, so this year, I followed through, even though for a split second, I wasn’t sure. Now that it is up, I am so glad that I went through the effort! The best part? I will be able to save everything and use it year after year! Check it out!

Here is what you need:

  • 12 pieces of 1/2″ PVC pip (it comes in 10′ pieces)
  • 8 1/2″ corner fittings
  • 8 1/2″ ‘male’ adapters (there is always a threaded ‘female’ end on one part of the corner fittings so you have to get this to make up for it, obnoxious but true)
  • 3 sets of shower curtain rings (you can find these at the dollar store)
  • 3 shower curtains (I grabbed mine at Big Lots)
  • 6 6′ garlands (I grabbed mine on clearance at Michaels,  you could always grab more if you wanted, of course)
  • PVC pipe cutter

To start, decide how big you want your sukkah to be. I went with 6’x6’x6′ because that was easy and would fit in my space while still allowing me to stand up inside. Because the PVC pipe comes in 10′ pieces, I needed 12 pieces. The first step is to cut down the PVC pipe to the size you need.

Next, I attached all the adapters to the corner fittings.

To start building the sukkah, I put the bottom square together. I made sure all the male adapters were facing up for the vertical pieces because they will add a bit of length and I thought adding a bit of height would be the best use of these pieces.

Then I added a pipe in each of the adapters vertically and added the last for fittings on each one. Again, I made sure that the ‘male’ adapter piece was on the vertical pipes.

I put the last four pieces of PVC in the top to make the “roof” and I was done with the build! I really is that easy.

At this point, I could start adding the walls and the first step in this was hanging each set of shower curtain rings on the side and back walls.

Then the shower curtains went up, this was more of an arm work out than I was anticipating. I chose to have the decorative side facing in because of where my sukkah was in my back yard. If I had it in the middle where you could see the sides, I may have faced them out, that would be a personal call. If you really wanted, you could put two on each so it was pretty on both sides though I don’t really think that is necesary.

Lastly, the roof, I did try to look for more of a greenery option, but none of those vines were on sale. I knew that I wanted there to be greenery in the garland and I lucked out that the ones I ended up grabbing were on 60% off clearance with all of the fall decor because all the other options were oranges and reds which would have been fine, but not the aesthetic I have been going for this season. The best part of this was the since the actual garland was kind of like a chain, I was able to loop the end into one of the shower curtain rings to hang it- I love when things work out like that!

I also love how the roof turned out! All the heart eyes y’all, all of them.

To finish it off, I put our table back inside and we have a fun little sukkah to eat, craft, read and play in to our hearts content! It really only took about a half hour to put together so I don’t know why I have avoided it for so many years.

Have you ever built a sukkah? Let me know in the comments below!


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