easy diy stuffed animal zoo

Easy DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo

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If there is one thing that we can never seem to pass up it is a stuffed animal or plush figure of some kind. Avery loves them! They are always a fun keepsake or sourvier and we can’t really complain because we love buying them for her too! But, what does one do with all of these, especially when we have dogs that can’t tell the difference between a beloved toy and a chew toy? You build something to store and contain them all, that’s what! Here is my own version of an easy diy stuffed animal zoo that is perfect to hold all your little ones treasured stuffed animals and plush toys!


I have to say, I am enjoying more and more putting together easy building projects like this one. I had this one done in under a couple of hours from start to finish and it is totally gratifying! First I measured my space, there is this small space in Avery’s room between a window and closet that was perfect. I knew I wanted it to be 6 feet tall and 1 foot deep, but after measuring I decided 20 inches wide would fit perfectly. After I knew my measurements, I picked out my wood. I bought four 2×2’s, two 1×3’s and one 1×2.


The 2×2’s make up the height so I cut all four of them to 6 feet, the 1×3’s frame the top and the bottom so I cut them (two at a time, they are thin so I stacked them on top of each other as show in the photo) to 20 inches and 12 inches. I had four twenty inch pieces and four 12 inch pieces. Lastly, the 1×2 is some extra support in the middle so I cut two 20 inch pieces and two 12 inch pieces.


Once I had everything cut I laid out two of the long 6 foot pieces of 2×2. Then I added a 20 inch 1×3 to both the top and the bottom and used my nail gun to attach them, you could use screws if that is what you had but since the wood isn’t too thick, I like to use the nail gun because it is super fast. I found the middle and then added a 20 inch 1×2 piece as well. Once this was done I repeated the same thing again so I had a front and a back pannel.


Next, I laid both panels on their side and grabbed two of my 12 inch 1×3’s. I attached one side at a time making sure everything was lining up.


Once the top and the bottom were attached, I grabbed one of the 12 inch 1×2 pieces and added it to the middle. All that was left of the building after that was to repeat this on the other side and the it was all put together!


Next up, sanding and paint! I went with white to go with Avery’s room and I like an all in one spray paint to save me some time and money.


All that was left after paint was to add the rope! I used some clothesline and tied a knot in one end, used my staple gun to add a few staples in the top, pulled it the bottom, added another knot and a couple more staples.


I also added staples to secure the rope to the support piece in the middle as well. The rope still moves freely so you can pull stuffed animals out easily, but the extra staples ensure the toys stay in when they are supposed to as well.


It is done! Now of course I had to grab her a couple of new plush toys for the occasion, right? What is hotter than the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out? Nothing, that’s what! While at Walmart, I have passed this display more than a few times.

The other day I finally broke down and picked up Joy and Sadness for Avery and have been waiting to give them to her!


I put the diy zoo in her room, filled it with her stuffed animals and surprised her with it after school. She walked right over and immediately saw her new friends and squealed! I would say that was Joy talking!


I am so thrilled with how this came out because not only does everything have a space, but I did it myself as well! The only things missing are Fear, Anger and Disgust, but we can stop by Walmart this weekend and pick up those!


Have you seen Inside Out with your kids yet? Tell me below!


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  1. Summer Davis June 28, 2015 at 9:03 pm #

    This is such a fantastic idea for containing the stuffies in an awkward, unusable area in a bedroom. I need to do something similar for my kids for sure, their room is overflowing with stuffies.#client