easy diy purse pouches

Easy DIY Purse Pouches

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Let me ask a question… if I looked in your purse RIGHT now, what would it look like?

Yeah, I get it- mine too.

No matter the state of your purse, we could always use another cute little organizational pouch and today I am going to show you just how easy it is to make them yourself! Plus you can have so much fun with the fabrics, you can match them to any aesthetic and they store all your necessities!

purse pouches

Plus, you only need a few things, a couple of fat quarters in fabrics you love (these are only a buck at Walmart!) and a 7″ zipper in a coordinating color (only around $1.50). Then you just need a sewing machine and iron. That’s it! These little pouches were under $4 each and really I had enough fabric to make at least 3 from each pair of fat quarters.

I started by cutting my fabric, I made the width as wide as the whole zipper, then length is purely up to you, which is what makes this such a great beginner project- the measurements are super flexible! Mine were about 15″ long. Then I put them facing sides together.

Next, I sewed the two short sides with my sewing machine.

Here is a step I know you will be tempted to skip, because I always am too, but it really makes everything look much better in the end! Turn the whole thing right side out and iron everything flat. It takes a while to get the creases out but you want to focus on getting the seams flat.

Then pin one side to the top of the zipper and sew it on with the sewing machine.

Then to do the same with the second side.

At this point, it is time to close it up so I turn the whole thing inside out again (the red fabric is my inside fabric) and line everything up and all that is left is to sew up the the open sides and it is done!

I did a double stitch to make sure it was secure and then trimmed off the extra fabric.

Then all that was left was to fill it up with my favorite must have purse items!

I am a preschool teacher and I work with 3 year olds so I joke that I get sneezed on for a living.. certainly not the whole job, but it does happen! Vitamins are very important and I have learned that especially at this time of year, I need to make sure I keep everything close by in my purse! My favorites are Emergen-C Immune+ Chewables (you know preschool teachers need all the immune support we can get), Centrum VitaMints (these are so convenient because you can take them without food or water!) and because I am outside so much, ChapStick Total Hydration to make sure my lips look and stay healthy. These are must have items for any mom!

Want a closer look? Check these out! I love how nicely everything fits, so much so I had to make a couple to make sure my purse organization is on point.

The best part? This wasn’t only easy, it was budget friendly as well too because I picked everything up at Walmart!

What are your must have purse essentials? Let me know in the comments below!


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