easy diaper cake tutorial

Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial

Recently, my sister in law had a baby shower scheduled and then plans changed as she had her baby a bit early. For obvious reasons it was rescheduled and when I asked if there was anything I could help with, I was excited to get tasked with a diaper cake! Fun! Here is what I came up with the sports theme and it was beyond easy to make, easier then any of the other ways I used to put them together.

For this 3 tiered diaper cake I used about 60 diapers which I had more than enough from two of the smaller packs of diapers (the ones that are around $10). I also grabbed a pack of rubber bands, one for each diaper plus some larger ones or elastic. First you are going to want to roll up each diaper with the color on the inside and wrap the rubber band around a couple of times.

Once you have them all rolled it is time to start constructing the cake which I do around a paper towel tube. This is where the big rubber bands would come in, but I didn’t have any so I used thin elastic. Start by placing your rubber band or elastic around the tube and then fitting in your diapers around it until it is full.

Then you will add a larger rubber band and do another layer outside the first.


Then a third layer around that with a bigger rubber band or piece of elastic.

After this, you will repeat this process with only two layers for the second tier.

Before you start the last tier, stuff one of the diapers into the center of the paper towel tube.

Then finish it off with one last layer.

Once it was all put together, I grabbed some blue washcloths and tucked them inside the rubber band/ elastic around the edges of all three layers.

Then some ribbon in a corresponding color was wrapped around all three layers and glued to itself. It is important that you make sure not to glue the ribbon to the washcloths or diapers because you want to be able to use everything.

There were just a couple of more things to add to finish it off and first were some fun sports shapes I cut on my Cricut Explore.

I added those around the cake and, like before, made sure to only glue them to the ribbon and not anything else.

The last thing that I added was his name on the bottom layer with chipboard letters that I had on hand and it was done!

Io hope that this tutorial was easy to follow and gave you a good idea on how to do it yourself! Have you made diaper cakes in any other shapes? Let me know in the comments below!




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