easy color dipped centerpiece

Easy Color Dipped Centerpiece

Tonight there is a special Shabbat service and the very nice secretary at the Synagogue had asked for some help with centerpieces. I am always willing to help her because she is one of the nicest people ever, but I knew I had to make things both adorable and affordable and super fast and easy to put together. This idea fits all of that! And this  easy color dipped centerpiece is also something that can be reused, an added bonus!

color dipped centerpiece

This was not my first idea, but I am so glad it was the last! Here is what you need:

easy color dipped centerpiece

  • Terra cotta pots in whatever size works for you
  • Paint (I had some left over Mystic Isles from my dresser project)
  • Bowl and stir stick
  • Flowers and soil

First I poured my paint into a bowl that would easily fit my small pots. Then all I did was dip the bottom of the pot in the paint, shake off the excess and put it on a cooling rack in the sun.

easy color dipped centerpiece 2

I love the sea blue with the terra cotta!

color dipped centerpiece 3

Once it was dried, I filled it with affordable flowers from Home Depot. These are great because they won’t go to waste, they can be planted in the garden on the playground after the event!

easy color dipped centerpiece 4

When it came to the table, I just put them on a simple little doily and a clear plate to catch and water after I watered them and done! Adorable, affordable and attainable!!

easy color dipped centerpiece 5


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