easy chocolate dipped apples

Easy Chocolate Dipped Apples

I love a bake sale, especially for Scott’s day program. Because of the nature of my schedule and his program, I am just not able to volunteer like I would at Avery’s school but I still want to help out and the seasonal bake sales are pretty much my only opportunity. But, they are a super fun one as well! I love making fun little treats that they can sell to make some money for the various amazing programs they offer their participants. Since this was a Halloween themed dance, I thought I would make some fun chocolate dipped apples that I could individually package for them to sell.

Here is what you need:

  • Apples (whatever kind you like)
  • Sticks of some sort (I had some fun branch ones that I grabbed at Michaels)
  • Trays (also grabbed at Michaels)
  • Melting chocolate (I use Wilton Candy Melts or Almond Bark that I grab at Walmart)
  • Sprinkles and various toppings (whatever you would like or can find in your pantry)
  • Treat bags and ties (Michaels)

To get started, you can make sure that your apples are clean, but most importantly, dry. It is imperative they they do not have any water on them because that will ruin your chocolate rather quickly.

Then you can add your sticks, I loved these fun little branches, but they were not easy to insert into the apple. I found that using a dowel that is actually intended for candy apples was a great tool to make the hole and then take out and add the fun branch.

I probably was far too amused by these branches.

Then I made my dipping station, I melted my chocolate in a Pyrex bowl in my microwave and raided my pantry for sprinkles and toppings. I found that it was better to dip and place into the little wrapper and sprinkle toppings on rather than dip in chocolate and then into toppings.

That’s it! Then I just let them harden and added them to treat bags and done, it was a quick and cute way to make a bunch of items that could be sold for a dollar each!

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