easy 4th july wood fireworks

Easy 4th of July Wood Fireworks

I haven’t decorated my mantle in a while because things were just so crazy but I am getting back into it this week and with Memorial Day on Monday and 4th of July coming up, a Patriotic theme seemed like the most appropriate choice! I thought it would be fun to make some simple wood firecrackers to go with some cute framed subway art on the right side of the mantle and I love how it came out!

mantle decor

This is such a simple craft, I actually had Avery do most of it which she was thrilled with, and really, so  was I because she was busy and it was super helpful. All I did was cut the wood in three different sizes, I didn’t measure because it really isn’t that important. I put each one out with one color of paint so it would be easy for her to go from one to the next.

mantle decor 3

She had a pretty good time!

mantle decor 2

Before she had started painting, I had made sure I use a drill with a tiny bit to make small holes in the top that would fit a pipe cleaner. Once they were dry, I put them together and twirled up some white pipe cleaners with a straight part a the end to go in the hole at the top.

mantle decor 4

I put those in and it created quite the festive look!

mantle decor 5

I tied them together with some red bakers twine and they were ready for the mantle! Such a fun addition!

mantle decor 6

Do you decorate your mantle with the changing holidays? Let me know in the comments below!

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