dollar tree anniversary celebration

Dollar Tree Anniversary Celebration!

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Dollar Tree to share their special Anniversary Event Bonus Buys with you!

Alright friends, I have some big news for you all! It is no surprise that I am a huge Dollar Tree fan, quite a few projects of mine have used materials I have gathered at Dollar Tree specifically. I am exclusive with Dollar Tree in fact, they are always clean and organized, have the best selection AND my Dollar Tree Stores here in San Diego employ adults with special needs which holds a soft spot in my heart. But the fine people at Dollar Tree are about to make it even better with their Dollar Tree Anniversary Celebration starting today September 28th and running through October 11th!


What? Better than everything for a dollar? YES! How about getting 58% more on your favorite and useful products for that same dollar? Sign me up! I buy all kinds of things from Dollar Tree, some of my favorites include princess everything, like adorable Disney food storage bags for my school lunch prep drawer to everything I need for fall and holiday décor.


But this is big, literally! Some of the great items included in this sale are popular cleaning products including my favorite floor wipes (with pets you need these) and scrubby sponges (great for the sink and art projects). Plus you can grab brand name snacks for lunches and all the great food storage containers (one of the best buys in the store!), including gallon sized Hefty zipper bags. Even all my favorite lip balms, soaps, tissues and nail polishes will be available in bigger sizes during the Dollar Tree Anniversary Celebration. You know what I see in my future? Stocking up for cute holiday gift baskets! Check out what you could put together!

Gathering dish soaps, pipe cleaners and various sized bowls comes together as the ultimate bubble solution and wand making kit for young children, that is hours of fun for the kids!

diy bubble kit

Nail polish gift baskets are super sweet for little girls from preschool all the way to high school and will be so affordable to put together with the Bonus Buy nail polish kids available during the Anniversary Celebration!

dollar tree celebration 3

You can even put together the ultimate Halloween trick or treat basket filled with candy, pretzels and small toys! You will be the house to visit this year!

dollar tree celebration 2

Have I convinced you to go on over to Dollar Tree’s Anniversary Celebration yet? Well if you see me, stop and say hi! I will be the one with the full cart! Make sure to keep up with Dollar Tree in all these easy ways!

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