diy wooden letter photo prop

DIY Wooden Letter Photo Prop

Avery’s first day of Kindergarten means a lot of things, most of which send me into a loud uncontrollable sobbing fit but the most obvious of which is a new school. She has a new place to go, new friends to make and new teachers to love. I on the other hand, have a new reputation to build. Ok, not really, but I do love to make stuff and at the preschool, it became kind of expected to try and figure out what was going to come next and I enjoy the challenge. With Avery going to a new school, I could have just hung back and relaxed a bit, but it just isn’t my style. I like coming up with things and sharing them with the other parents and one of my favorites is coming up with a photo prop everyone can use on the first (or last) day of school. This time, I got the wild idea to construct a litter “K” for the photo prop because, well, why not?

First I started with a trusty 2×4, aren’t these things awesome?!

The first cut that I was made was a 3 foot piece with straight cuts on both sides because I figured this would be a good height for the kids to rest their arm on or post with in some other way. Next I just laid the wood out ( I had another scrap piece which helped but the whole letter can be cut from 1 2×4) to get a visual and if I am being honest, I eyeballed this and used a pen to mark the cut lines and then matched my angles on my miter saw.

But if you need exact angles, the top of the “K” had two 45 degree angles and I believe I started with a 30 degree angle for the bottom piece.

Once they are all cut, I added two screws, with pre-drilled holes, into each intersection but found that the most stability came from two pieces of scrap wood that I screwed into both sides of each intersection.

After the “K” was all put together, all that was left was to give it some stable feet to stand on! I had some scrap shelf pieces and cut them to a 7.5″ square, pre-drilled some holes and screwed them into the bottom!

Then I gave it a coat of teal because it is always the best option and it was ready for photos!

Avery did great on her first day and I totally kept it together… until I got to the car. As it should be, she is so excited to go back tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier!

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