diy tube scoop

DIY Tube Scoop

I have mentioned before that I am back at work with the toddlers and with them, sensory activities are so important! For that reason, I like to change out the sensory tub weekly and this is one that they had fun with last week. I used some green peas (I think that is what they are) that we had on hand but what I thought was pretty clever was the scoops I put together with some tubes that we had on hand, check it out!

tube scoop

I was trying to work with what I have on hand a the school, because that is was teachers do, and these recycled scoops were perfect for the kids! I just cut a paper towel tube (I am anti toilet paper tubes, just a little too gross in my opinion) in thirds and then cut a portion out of one side. It was super simple but perfect for the job and very easy for the little ones to hold.

tube scoop 3

They had a blast scooping the green peas into the metal muffin tin and it made almost a rain stick like sound as they did it which was a pretty cool bonus.

tube scoop 2

What clever way do you use paper towel tubes??

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One Response to DIY Tube Scoop

  1. Leslie Planting Klein July 1, 2014 at 9:50 am #

    Paper towel tubes slit up the middle lengthwise are great for storing or transporting my expensive paint brushes that just don’t seem to fit in other containers. :-)