diy sunburst mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I am back with another fun DIY using foam! Could  you tell that is what I used to make this fun sunburst mirror? I am having so much fun seeing what I can do each month with this versatile material and it never disappoints! The best part about this is that it is so light weight you can hang it anywhere! Plus, you could paint it any color to match your home and decor! I put mine in my craft room so I could go bright and bold with my favorite color, teal!

All you need for this are the 1/2 inch foam sheets from Make It Fun Crafts, I used one 36 inch by 12 inch sheet to make this sunburst mirror. I cut them in about 1 inch pieces using the foam cutter (so insanely helpful!) and had it finished in no time! I then cut the 1 inch strips into (16) 1×8 inch pieces and (16) 1×6 inch pieces.

Once everything is cut it was time to make the magic happen with their awesome Smooth Finish product that smooths out the foams surface. It is so easy! I just used and offset spatula to spread it on the front and sides and did this to each piece.

After that had dried, I started gluing them to a round piece of cardboard (cake rounds from the craft store are perfect!), I used the StyroGlue from Make It Fun Crafts and started with the 8 inch pieces first.

Then I added the 6 inch pieces on top in the ‘windows’ and let all that set up for a couple of hours while I went to the craft store and grabbed an 8 inch round mirror. You could go smaller if you sunburst is smaller but I liked this size for the opening I had on my mirror.

To attach the mirror to the sunburst, I used Beacon’s Power-Tac adhesive and was super impressed with the hold, just make sure you let it set up for 24 hours.

Then, I put two holes through the back and used picture hanging wire to create a place for the mirror to hang and hot glued the ends to secure. The hot glue is probably not necessary, I just feel better knowing it won’t scratch my paint.

Then all you have to do is hang up your sunburst mirror and you are done! I love how it came out and what it adds over my mantle in the craft room! What bright touches have you added to your house lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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