diy soccer bow

DIY Soccer Bow

Soccer is back! I really sound more excited than I should because while it is fun, fall is hotter than … well it is just hot so those Saturday morning games can be rather brutal. But Avery is excited and to be honest, I don’t hate having soccer mom status for another season. As soon as I heard about our team colors, I got right on bow making and while I am not a fan of first names on jerseys, I think it is fun on the bow. Mostly because I can take the bow off easily after the game if we go anywhere so I don’t have to worry about stranger danger.

diy soccer bow

This is a different style of bow than I normally make and a different way of putting them together but I do love how they came out. It is also the first time I have used heat transfer vinyl on ribbon- may be addicted to that as well! Check out my video tutorial below!

Super fun! These would be great for any sport including cheer leading and can be easily personalized. I saw so many different patterned ribbons at Joann’s so the possibilities are endless!


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