diy sandbox

DIY Sandbox

It is pretty well known here on my little corner of the internet that I am  a preschool teacher and at our school we have a playground for the infant and toddlers and the bigger kids. The playground for the babies and toddlers is officially my pet project this summer and I am excited to get started! The first project- a sand box that they desperately needed! This project was about $75 and took only about an hour and a half at most to put together.

diy sandbox

We went to Home Depot and got 3 2×6 boards that were 8 feet long, a box of 2 inch screws, and 11 bags of play sand (if you like rounder numbers, 10 would have worked by we had 20 because the extra would go in the bigger kids sand box). I cut two of the boards into 6 foot pieces (make sure to save the smaller scraps for your seats) and the third board in half so I had two 4 foot pieces.

diy sandbox 2

I put them all together on the ground to make sure everything was working the way it should and then I pre-drilled two holes on each side so the wood wouldn’t split when I put in the screws.

diy sandbox 3

Then all I had to do was go around all four sides and attach the pieces together!

diy sandbox 4

When it came to the seats I found that the piece I tried to measure was a little off but interestingly enough the piece I eyeballed came out perfect. Basically I lined it up on an angle and used a pen to draw the lines on the underside as a guide.

diy sandbox 5

Then I took that back to my saw and cut them down and then drilled and screwed the seats on as well.

diy sandbox 7

I am thrilled with the way it came out and Avery got to be the first person to give everything a try!

diy sandbox 8

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